LIFE-BRIO project

Demonstration of Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Recycling into the Coal Clough Wind Farm Decommissioning Opportunity. LIFE-BRIO

LIFE-BRIO is a European Project whose main objective is to demonstrate an innovative and sustainable methodology for end-of-life wind turbine (WT) blades management and recycling from a life cycle perspective.

The end-of-life scheme that will be demonstrated within the LIFE-BRIO project in order to handle these WT rotor blades will be carried out between 2014 and 2017, and should allow the recovery of valuable materials such as inorganic fibres and other materials. These will be later reused as reinforcement in cement based products, as well as cores in functionalized multilayer structures.

An integral approach to the issue will consider all the stages involved in the process: the rotor blades dismantling in the wind farm, the whole recycling process for material resources recovery, and their incorporation in new products. The purpose of this alternative approach is to avoid the adverse impact on the environment of incineration or disposal on landfills.

  • LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governancelife
  • Project policy area: Waste and Natural Resources
  • LIFE13 ENV/ES/000562
  • Duration of the project: 01/07/2014 -30/06/2017
  • Total project budget: 1,107,626 €
  • EU financial contribution: 553,812 €
  • Implementation: Spain and United Kingdom