The specific objectives to be reached during the three years that will last the LIFE-BRIO project are the following:

  • To demonstrate upgraded mechanical recycling processes guaranteeing an
    optimized recovery of fibres from the composite materials of the WT blades.
  • To foster closed loop recycling by incorporating the recovered fibres into precast concrete elements such as manholes, containment systems or paving.
  • To develop policy and legislative recommendations to the EC for the end-of-life WT blades management and recycling.
  • To anticipate feasible solutions for the management of emerging complex waste streams once t
    he wind turbine blades start reaching their end of service life.
  • To set the basis for an economic and environmental procedure guaranteeing an upgraded recovery of fibres and other materials.resultados
  • To assess optimized reverse logistic schemes for the management of discarded WT blades into the Coal Clough windfarm (located in UK) decommissioning phase.
  • To perform a comprehensive LCA of the whole process.
  • To promote local networks associated with the reverse supply chain of WT blades.
  • To disseminate the project results to target groups.