LIFE-BRIO latest developments

LIFE-BRIO latest developments
During the first stage of the Project decommissioning/repowering development carried out at Coal Clough Wind Farm (WF), as well as general procedures and wind farms decommissioning Plans were reviewed. After the assessment carried out, permitting procedure and documentation to be prepared related to the decommissioning phase were identified as the most time-consuming tasks, and to be very dependent on the location of the WF and local requirements.

Regarding the Life Cycle Assessment, the flow diagram including general inputs and outputs of the system were identified as well as the different analysis phases. Now, IBERDROLA Engineering is archiving the necessary information to get inventory that will serve as an input for the Life Cycle assessment.


Blades to be recycled were already pre-treated at Glasgow, where two blades were cut into pieces that are now being treated at GAIKER installations to separate main materials. The mechanical recycling route will be demonstrated at a pilot scale already adjusted. The main steps to be taken are the following: Cutting down the rotor blades into smaller pieces by means of hydraulic shears capable of breaking the blades structure; Selection of a representative sample composed by fragments, and avoiding metallic elements easily detectable by visual inspection; Coarse shredding of the blades fragments in a heavy duty impacts mill; Metallic particles separation by magnetic and eddy current systems; Gradual size reduction of the coarse shredded material; Screening (two stages, mesh of 2 and 1 mm, approximately) to separate ground materials according to their particle size; Final refining and composition adjustment of the fibres concentrates could be required in order to meet the specifications of the final application.

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