Demonstrative cement based products development including recycled fibres from WT blades

Demonstrative cement based products development including recycled fibres from WT blades

BRIO consortium has manufactured at industrial scale 3 types of precast cement concrete products: safety barriers, manhole modules and blocks. Those products are made of precast concretes with different workabilities and reinforcement. The formulations include Portland cement, natural limestone aggregate, minor amounts of chemical additives and a low water/cement ratio to allow a quick mould removal. Recovered fibres obtained after mechanical treatment of WT blades waste were used as reinforcing fibres. Manufacturing processes remain unaltered and no extra energy for mixing or compacting was demanded.

Moreover manhole modules with recycled fibres have been mechanically tested, showing higher crushing strength than standard product. Safety barriers with recycled fibres have been installed in a public motorway near Lumbreras (La Rioja) and concrete blocks will be used for a retaining wall soon.


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BRIO is an initiative whose objective is to develop a new sustainable model for the management and recycling of end-of-life wind turbine rotor blades. The project is led by IBERDROLA Ingeniería y Construcción and participated by the technological centres GAIKER-IK4 and TECNALIA Research & Innovation. The recycling of these large…

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Mechanical Recycling Process of Rotor Blades During the last period of the project a mechanical recycling process of end-of-life rotor blades was demonstrated at pilot scale. The proposed solution would be industrially feasible and it has consisted of a pretreatment of blades (cutting down and coarse shredding) followed by conditioning…

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Lastest Project Developments

Lastest Developments

The demonstration of the mechanical recycling process of end-of-life rotor blades has been completed at GAIKER’s facilities in Bizkaia. By means of physical-mechanical conditioning and separation stages a concentrate of glass fibre has been obtained with suitable characteristics to be recycled as a reinforcement in concretes. A by-product composed by a heterogeneous mixture of ground materials (short fibres, foams, resins) has been also obtained to be recycled as cores in multilayer panels.

Currently, the development of the demonstrative prototypes based on the recycled materials is in progress: precast concrete elements and multilayer panels.