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BRIO is an initiative whose objective is to develop a new sustainable model for the management and recycling of end-of-life wind turbine rotor blades. The project is led by IBERDROLA Ingeniería y Construcción and participated by the technological centres GAIKER-IK4 and TECNALIA Research & Innovation. The recycling of these large…

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NewsBrio 2 | LIFE-BRIO Lastest Developments


Mechanical Recycling Process of Rotor Blades During the last period of the project a mechanical recycling process of end-of-life rotor blades was demonstrated at pilot scale. The proposed solution would be industrially feasible and it has consisted of a pretreatment of blades (cutting down and coarse shredding) followed by conditioning…

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Lastest Project Developments

Lastest Developments

The demonstration of the mechanical recycling process of end-of-life rotor blades has been completed at GAIKER’s facilities in Bizkaia. By means of physical-mechanical conditioning and separation stages a concentrate of glass fibre has been obtained with suitable characteristics to be recycled as a reinforcement in concretes. A by-product composed by a heterogeneous mixture of ground materials (short fibres, foams, resins) has been also obtained to be recycled as cores in multilayer panels.

Currently, the development of the demonstrative prototypes based on the recycled materials is in progress: precast concrete elements and multilayer panels.


Iberdrola, GAIKER-IK4 y Tecnalia realizan en Bilbao una demostración sobre los resultados del proyecto BRIO

Press Note:
Iberdrola, GAIKER-IK4 y Tecnalia realizan en Bilbao una demostración sobre los resultados del proyecto BRIO
• Este proyecto ha creado un nuevo sistema para el reciclaje de palas de los aerogeneradores provenientes de los parques eólicos
• La iniciativa se aplicará en las palas de los aerogeneradores que se tengan que sustituir por una avería y en los parques eólicos que alcancen el fin de su vida útil


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LIFE-BRIO latest developments

LIFE-BRIO latest developments During the first stage of the Project decommissioning/repowering development carried out at Coal Clough Wind Farm (WF), as well as general procedures and wind farms decommissioning Plans were reviewed. After the assessment carried out, permitting procedure and documentation to be prepared related to the decommissioning phase were…

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Article from…


Article from Marisa Alvarado Díaz. BRIO Project Coordinator | IBERDROLA Ingenieria y Construccion The LIFE BRIO project aims to demonstrate, from a life cycle perspective, an innovative and sustainable methodology for end-of-life wind turbine (WT) blades management and recycling. For the last two decades the wind power industry has rapidly…

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